More Than 2 Billion Corona Shots Worldwide

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More than 2 billion corona shots have been taken worldwide, AFP news agency reports based on its count. The first vaccination campaigns started six months ago, in December last year.


Most corona vaccines consist of two doses that must be administered at different times. That does not mean that more than 2 billion people worldwide have been fully vaccinated.

Almost all countries are now vaccinating people against Covid-19. The rate of vaccination is rapidly increasing. Only Tanzania, Chad, Burundi, Eritrea, North Korea and Haiti have not yet started the vaccinations.

In particular, the three most populous countries in the world have been vaccinated: China (704.8 million), the United States (296.9 million) and India (221 million). Six out of ten doses have been administered there worldwide. 255 million injections have been taken in the European Union, accounting for 39 percent of the population.

Israel leads the world with the vaccination campaign because most of the population has been vaccinated there. Six out of ten people in the country have maximum protection. So they have had all the necessary shots of the corona vaccine that is administered there.

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