Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Now Richer Than Elon Musk Again

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is once again the richest man on earth, dethroning Tesla boss Elon Musk.


Musk was the wealthiest person in the world in recent weeks but is now back in charge due to a further fall in the Tesla share price on Wall Street.

According to Bloomberg’s billionaire list, Bezos’s fortune stands at more than $ 191 billion, or nearly $ 158 billion. That’s almost a billion dollars more than Musk has now. Tesla’s stock fell 2.4 percent on Tuesday, losing $ 4.6 billion in market value.

The electric car manufacturer has been making a remarkable advance at the New York stock exchange since last spring.

The question now is how long Bezos will stay ahead of Musk.

Musk’s space company SpaceX, a rival to Bezos’ Blue Origin, talks about an investment round that could put a $ 92 billion price tag on SpaceX. That’s twice the current value of SpaceX.

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