Australia has now received more than 3,500 evacuees from Afghanistan. This includes dozens of Afghans who first fled to Pakistan.


The Australian Air Force sent a plane to Islamabad to pick up that group, Australian broadcaster ABC reported.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters in Canberra that the evacuation mission in Afghanistan has now been completed. Australia has removed a total of 4,100 people from Kabul after the Afghan capital fell to the Taliban. Hundreds of those evacuees travelled on to other countries.

Not everyone eligible for evacuation to Australia was able to reach Kabul airport in time. According to ABC, it is still unclear whether the Australian government plans to pick up more Afghans who can flee overland to neighbouring countries of Afghanistan.

The Air Force first flew the group picked up in Islamabad to Dubai. After that, the Afghans were transferred to the Australian city of Darwin, where they were quarantined. Prime Minister Morrison said 3,500 evacuees have now been brought to Australia, including 2,500 women and children.

Australia was part of the international force that was active in Afghanistan for two decades. There, the foreign soldiers fought against the Taliban and trained Afghan security forces. As a result, dozens of Australian soldiers died in the country.

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