What Insurance Should A Builder Have?

Building work is considered ‘risky’ by insurers, so a builder should take great care when deciding which insurance they should have and when comparing quotes. According to NimbleFins, common types of insurance for a builder include employers’ liability and public liability to start with, but builders typically buy other types […]

How to Get Cheap Motor Trade Insurance?

Shopping for any kind of insurance policy can mean taking the time to shop around and compare quotes. Pricing can fluctuate quite a bit between different providers, so when you compare motor trade insurance, it can benefit you to research multiple policies to find the most suitable and affordable coverage […]

What is A Fleet Insurance Policy?

A fleet insurance policy is a form of commercial vehicle insurance designed for businesses to help them insure multiple vehicles under one convenient contract. It’s primarily built for any company that relies on its vehicles for a core part of their business operation, like couriers, haulage services or furniture removal […]

What House Insurance Do I Need As A Landlord?

A landlord needs special buildings and contents insurance specifically for landlords and landlord liability insurance – regular homeowner insurance typically does not cover property let out to tenants. While there are additional coverages you might want as well, this article will explain how the key components of landlords insurance cover […]