Whether you are planning to purchase your favourite Laguiole knife from an online store or from the local market, numerous questions bombard your mind that may confuse you from selecting the right knife and use it right away. The increasing demand and popularity have further introduced multiple counterfeit knives that create a mess to find the right knife and pay it outright.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you with all the essential and most useful tips to choose the right handmade Laguiole knife. But before making your smart investment, it’s necessary to know the difference between a genuine Laguiole and a counterfeit product.

Know About Laguiole Knife:

Laguiole knives are not just other knives available in the market for your day to day operations. Instead, it is a history-rich knife that encompasses the legacy of handmade skills and top-level craftsman. Regardless of its long history, they still provide you with the contemporary touch that every buyer expects.

Above all, these knives are specially made by a single person. The blade is nowadays made with galvanized steel, which is collected from some of the renowned suppliers across the globe. Furthermore, its handle is handmade using pistachio wood, juniper wood, buffalo horn, or olive wood.

People don’t know that Laguiole isn’t a registered brand that ensures you a 100% authentic knife. That’s the reason numerous counterfeit manufactures came into the business and sold fake products to make money. However, the genuine Laguiole knives are always imported by the specialized importers who take it to the global platform for selling.

These knives are made with a balanced proportion of blade and handle. They usually come in the following dimension:

  • Length: 22cm
  • The thickness of the handle: 2cm horizontally and 1.5 cm vertically

Origin of Laguiole Knife:

Laguiole isn’t any brand; instead, it is a place in southern France where the local shepherds first created these knives in the 19th century. With time, they improved their skills and made these knives into a masterpiece.

All Laguiole knives are 100% handmade to retain its quality and historical feel. But today, numerous unauthorized makers have distributed fake knives in the market that fool the buyers. Laguiole knives are still manufactured with conventional methods. Even today, the century-old machines are being used to make its blades. The outcome is this handmade, high-performance knife that has remained unmatched from other alternative options.

Available with Lifetime Guaranty:

These knives are made to last for decades, and that’s the reason most manufacturers provide you with a certificate of authenticity. Moreover, if you aren’t satisfied with the knife, you can return it to the manufacturer with a full refund. This appealing policy also fascinates the customer to purchase this knife without worrying about its usage.

So, what more do you want to know about this masterpiece? It’s time to choose the right exporter of handmade Laguiole knives and enhance your reputation to the next level. Above all, thorough research is always recommended to avoid wrong investment.

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