The corona pass will be mandatory in fewer French shopping centres from Wednesday.


Currently, people still have to show proof of vaccination or negative test in 178 shopping centres. From Wednesday, it will be necessary for 64, Economic Minister Bruno Le Maire said in a conversation with television channel BFM TV.

A corona pass remains necessary in shopping centres with more than 20,000 square meters in regions where more than 200 corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants have been reported in the past week. The remaining 64 shopping centres are located in nine departments.

The corona pass is a means to show that someone has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, has recently tested negative or has recovered from the virus. This is to prevent the spread of the lung virus.

There is a lot of resistance to the corona pass in France. Opponents see this as a covert vaccination obligation. In August, there were often demonstrations against the pass.

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