The recount of votes currently underway in the US state of Georgia is unlikely to change Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory in that state, Georgia Home Secretary Brad Raffensperger told CNN news channel.


The results of the Georgia recount are expected to be known around noon (local time) on Thursday.

“We are finalizing,” said Raffensperger. “We are still waiting for a few districts, a few of the big ones, but I do not believe that anything will change in the final result,” said the minister.

The Republican has previously stated that, unlike President Donald Trump, he is convinced that no irregularities occurred in the elections.

The first count showed that Joe Biden was the first Democrat to win in Georgia since Bill Clinton in 1992 (16 electors).

In the southern state, which usually goes to the Republicans, Biden had a lead of about 12,000 votes over Trump, about 0.3 percent.

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