On July 15, Russia will lift the corona measures that were in force at the borders. Previously, the country had already lifted almost all restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


For example, the mask obligation and restrictions in the catering industry have expired.

The rules may be lifted thanks to the steady decline in deaths from the virus. It is possible that restrictive measures will be imposed again if the situation worsens again. According to the authorities, the development of the virus corresponds to global trends. Of the people diagnosed with the virus, 93 percent would have a mild course of the disease or even have no problems at all.

Since the start of the epidemic in Russia in April 2020, more than 800,000 people have died from the virus or corona-related diseases, according to calculations by the Reuters news agency. Nearly 145 million people live in the country, more than 18 million of whom are said to have been infected.

Russia was soon able to launch the corona vaccine Sputnik-V when the pandemic struck, but many Russians did not want it, partly because of mistrust of the government. About 52 percent of the Russian population is fully vaccinated.

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