Brad Raffensperger, the Republican Secretary of the Interior of the US state of Georgia, says there are no signs in his state that indicate fraud in vote counting.


Joe Biden takes the lead with about 14,000 votes (0.3 percent) compared to President Donald Trump, who accuses the Democrats of electoral fraud without any concrete evidence.

Earlier in the day, Raffensperger ordered a recount at the request of the Republicans. In an interview with CNN, he said he had ordered the manual recount due to the small difference between Biden and Trump in the southern state. Raffensperger says he believes the count has been accurate so far.

When asked about President Trump’s fraud allegations, the top executive said that investigations are underway but have not yet yielded anything in terms of evidence. According to him, there are also no signs of irregularities that could change Bidens lead in a recount.

According to the minister, the manual recount, which must be completed by November 20, will not lead to a different result than the machine count, which is almost complete.

The Georgia recount is taking place as President Trump continues to refuse to admit he lost Biden’s election. Trump is conducting a legal offensive in several states to challenge the result, but all his attempts have so far proved fruitless.

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