Oprah Winfrey No Longer Needs To Act

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Oprah Winfrey no longer needs to act. Oprah Winfrey, who was shown in the fantasy film A Wrinkle in Time last year, says he is ready to act.


The presenter and media maker says they are no longer satisfied with it.

“I think you have to be very, very good at it, and you have to do a lot,” states 65-year-old Winfrey in an interview.

“It must be something that you are passionate about, not something you just float around in.”

Winfrey calls her role in A Wrinkle in Time “fun”, but she noticed that acting was not satisfying anymore.

“I have to say that I was recently offered a role in a Broadway production that influenced me.”

In the end, she did not take up the role, because Winfrey, who lives in Santa Barbara,

 did not see herself staying in New York for six months.

She states she likes nature enormously in her current place of residence.

Winfrey received an Oscar nomination
During her, career Winfrey has played in several films, including The Color Purple, The Butler and Selma.

For the first film, she received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress.

It was recently declared that Winfrey would make documentaries for Apple +, Apple’s streaming service.

For one of the projects, she will collaborate with the British Prince Harry.

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