The United Kingdom is heading for a relaxation of its testing policy. According to British media, people do not have to do a PCR test after a positive rapid test in plans that are currently being worked out. They are expected to be officially announced later on Wednesday.


The intervention is intended to shorten people’s time in self-isolation after a positive corona test. They will start doing this immediately after their rapid test, provided the plans are approved. A PCR test no longer needs to be performed to confirm this result. Infected people must report to the government that they have tested positive at home.

The rules for international travel may also be changed. The BBC reports that it is looking at removing a test requirement for travellers. They now have to do a corona test in the two days before they leave for the United Kingdom.

The expected policy changes coincide with a significant increase in corona infections in the country. That has seen repeated infection records smashed in recent times. As a result, more and more people are staying at home. A deputy health minister at Sky News estimated that it is currently about a million people.

In the United Kingdom, there have been calls for some time to follow the example of the United States and reduce the time people have to spend in self-isolation. Thus, the economy must be spared.

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