Apple Becomes the First Company Ever Worth More Than $3 Trillion

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Apple became the first company ever to reach a market cap of $3 trillion. Converted, it concerns a value of 2,260 billion dollars.


In 2018, the American technology company was the first to cross the threshold of USD 1,000 billion in market capitalization. In August 2020, the iPhone maker then reached $2,000 billion.

Monday around 7:45 PM Belgian time, the share cost $ 182.86, which also broke the mark of 3 trillion dollars.

After that, the stock market value quickly fell just below the historical threshold. At the close of Wall Street, Apple pieces were worth $182.01. The fact that investors are so enthusiastic about the fruit brand is related to the corona pandemic.

Due to the many lockdown measures, people are more likely to rely on technology and gadgets for work and relaxation. In 2021, Apple shares were worth 34 percent more.

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