Britney Spears is Completely done with all Hatred. For the first time since her stay in a clinic in April, Britney Spears has shared more about the feelings she is struggling with.


The 37-year-old singer writes on Instagram that it is sometimes difficult to live in Los Angeles and that she is also bothered by bullies on social media.

According to Britney, life in an American city is pretty lonely.

“You never understand who you can trust, and some people can be very insincere.”

But fortunately, the singer can fall back on a safe basis.

“I do have a small group of friends, and I do what makes me happy.”

The singer has had turbulent months.

In April, she went to a clinic to work on psychological problems.

Although Britney herself did not say anything about the issues she was struggling with,

 she could not cope well with her father’s illness.

Prior few weeks it seems to be going better with her again.

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