Despite the corona pandemic, head of state Alexander Lukashenko wants to invite international guests to attend the major military parade in Belarus.


“It would be good to meet in Minsk,” the president of the ex-Soviet republic said on Tuesday.

His country was one of the first countries to be attacked and destroyed in World War II. “We are a living monument to this war,” said Lukashenko.

In any case, the heads of state of the countries of the former Soviet Union should celebrate the victory over Nazi Germany in Minsk on May 9, he said.

Earlier, the president, often described as Europe’s last dictator, had emphasized that the parade should never be cancelled.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has criticized the plans for the parade. “We are very concerned about the possible negative effects of such a massage event.

It is likely that the elderly in particular will participate here,” said the WHO representative in Minsk. The elderly are a risk group and the event can be dangerous for them.

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