White House Lashes Out at Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos: World’s Richest Men is Against Economic Reform

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The White House has struck a chord with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos after he publicly criticized the fiscal and economic policies of President Joe Biden’s administration on Twitter.


“It doesn’t take much imagination to imagine why one of the richest men on Earth is against middle-class economic improvements,” said government spokesman Andrew Bates.

Billionaire Bezos accused the US president of deception on Saturday. Biden had on Twitter linked the high inflation to the relatively low taxes paid by the richest companies. Bezos responded by saying that Biden’s tweet should be checked for disinformation. “Increasing corporate tax is perfectly negotiable,” he wrote. Taming inflation is crucial to discuss. Putting them together is just deception.”

Also, according to the government spokesperson, it’s not surprising that Bezos’ criticism came after Biden met with unions, including Amazon employees. Bates was referring to Biden’s recent meeting with Christian Smalls, the chairman of the Amazon workers’ union. “You mean trouble,” Biden had told the man. “I like you, and you’re my kind of trouble.”

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