Trump: Nike will Collapse Under the Boycott. US President Donald Trump again retires to Nike on Wednesday. According to him, the sports brand experiences heavily from the boycott of Americans in response to the new advertising campaign.


“Nike is going to suffer from anger and boycotts,” Trump writes on Twitter.

The National Football League (NFL) would also, according to him, suffer from the controversy created by protesting players.

The share of the sports brand did indeed contribute to the American stock market, with a loss of over 3 percent.

However, it is too premature to say that the brand is going down to the advertising campaign.

In the past six months, the share showed a rising trend.

In March, Nike stood at 65 points on Wall Street, while it is now just under 80 points.

According to the reports, marketing experts assume that the brand will benefit in the long term through the advertising campaign, which would help recognisability.

Kneeling Kaepernick now plays the leading role in Nike advertising
In the new Nike campaign, American Football athlete Colin Kaepernick plays the leading role.

In 2016 he was the first player to kneel while the national anthem before the match in protest against police harshness aimed at black civilians. Since then many players followed his example.

Fierce opponents share photos from social media since yesterday on which they cut out the distinctive logo from clothing or even put shoes on fire.

They call for a boycott. Also, many Americans are also very influenced by the advertising.

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