It appears that Iran is adhering to the agreements in the nuclear deal, even though the country could grant faster access to inspectors who will do additional research. That is what the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the UN says, which monitors compliance with the deal, which was concluded in 2015.


The US withdrew from the nuclear agreement early this month, to the displeasure of many European countries and the government in Tehran, who want to save the deal, published by iStorify. According to the Atomic Agency, Iran remains below the maximum amount of uranium it is allowed to produce, and it also appears that the other conditions of the atomic agreement are still being observed.

The agency would, therefore, like to see improvement in the speed with which additional investigations into compliance with the deal are permitted. “Rapid and proactive cooperation from Iran in providing access would improve confidence.”

President Trump has withdrawn the US from the agreement because he thinks the deal does not guarantee American security. With the withdrawal, the US reintroduced the sanctions against Iran from before the deal.

In that context, the United States imposed sanctions today on some Turkish and Iranian companies, including four airlines from Iran. According to the US, they have transported warriors, weapons and money to warring parties in Syria and Lebanon.

On Friday, delegates from France, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Russia and Iran meet to discuss the Iran deal without the US.

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