British Prime Minister Liz Truss plans to extract more oil and gas from the North Sea and invest more in nuclear energy. “I want us to generate and use more of our energy,” she said during her first question time in parliament on Wednesday.

Truss said he was against imposing a temporary tax increase on energy company profits (windfall tax) to address high energy prices. “I am against such an approach. I believe it is wrong to discourage companies from investing in the UK,” said Truss, who then promised to present a plan Thursday to help people pay rising energy bills…

On the other hand, Truss expressed a preference for tax cuts for business. After all, these would lead to more investment in the British economy, which would lead to more employment. However, members of the opposition Labor party protested loudly that this would lead to sharply lower tax revenues, for which working Britons would ultimately have to pay. They would rather bet on tax cuts for inflation-stricken citizens than on “billions of pounds for Amazon,” as one Labor member put it.

Truss also extensively addressed questions about the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol. After Brexit, it was agreed that Northern Ireland would remain part of the European internal market, despite Northern Ireland being part of the United Kingdom. Among other things, the agreement means that goods going from Great Britain to Northern Ireland will be checked by customs at the airports and seaports of Northern Ireland.

However, according to the British government, that agreement is unworkable. Truss said he wants to “solve” that situation by negotiating changes to the protocol with Northern Ireland and Brussels, without going into detail about those changes.

Asked whether it would be a good idea to call for new elections before taking drastic measures, the new Prime Minister said: “What the British people want is a government that will do what I am determined to do as Prime Minister: solve the energy crisis. , kick-start our economy and allow people to get doctor’s appointments,” Truss said. “That’s where my focus is.”

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