China Adopts the Controversial Hong Kong Security Law

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The Chinese parliament passed the controversial Hong Kong security law on Tuesday.


Local media report, based on anonymous sources, that the Standing Committee has unanimously approved the bill of the People’s Congress.

With the new national security law, Beijing is strengthening its hold over Hong Kong, which was transferred to China 23 years ago, but with its own legal system and local parliament hero.

Internationally, China’s plans for the new law have been met with great concern.

The security law, according to Beijing, is in response to last year’s unrest in Hong Kong that arose after a bill that allowed extradition to China.

The new law prohibits the pursuit of secession, foreign interference and undermining. The law providing for a maximum sentence of life imprisonment takes precedence over Hong Kong’s independent legal system.

The law will enter into force as soon as it is published in Hong Kong. This is expected to happen quickly.

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