The U.S. Department of Justice has announced an investigation into the Memphis police department following the death of Tire Nichols in a brutal traffic stop.

The ministry announced that the investigation would focus on guidelines, practices, training and procedures related to using force and de-escalation.

The work of the special forces is also scrutinized. The mayor of the city of Memphis, Tennessee, and the metropolitan police chief have requested the investigation, the ministry said.

Several police officers brutally beat Nichols at a traffic stop in Memphis on January 7. Three days later, the 29-year-old African-American died of his injuries in the hospital. The incident provoked widespread protest and rekindled the debate about police brutality in the United States.

The five police officers involved in the incident, including African Americans, have been released on bail but are facing charges of wounding and manslaughter.

The charged officers were part of a special unit set up in 2021 to better respond to organized crime and drug crimes. The unit was disbanded after the brutal incident.

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