British Army shares Super sweet photo Prince William and Children. When Prince William recently played a game of polo against his brother Prince Harry, the British army was present to watch the game.


Afterwards, a snapshot with the heir to the throne could also get rid of it.

His three cutters also appeared in the photo.

To celebrate Prince George’s birthday, the British army shared a snapshot with Prince William and his three children.

The heir to the throne is holding his son, Prince Louis, while little George and his sister Princess Charlotte are standing next to it.

With the photo, the army placed a birthday message and assured the British people that they are always ready for the royal family.

And royal fans also loved the picture. “What a cute photo!” Responds one.

“How sweet, a picture with all three children”, another thought.

“Louis’ facial expression is too funny”, says one fan.

“He is not looking forward to this photo.”

George’s parents also celebrated their son’s birthday by sharing some photos with their followers.

The photographer was none other than Mom Kate.

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