Are you planning for a world tour? If yes, then do you know why you should choose Thailand must rank among 200 countries of the world? Why should you plan for the island hopping tours Thailand? If there is the question arising in your mind, keep reading the article below:


Top 10 Tips for Ialsnd Hopping Tours Thailand


1. Cheap cost of travel when backpacking in Thailand
The first benefit you will get by travelling to Thailand rather than other country is the cost of travel. There are a lot of travellers who slash may cities from their Journey due to lack of funds, as they have a fixed budget.

But if you plan for island hopping tours in Thailand then no need to worry about such problems, you will not face any such problem. Because in Thailand, travel is very cheap and several modes of transportation are convenient to get there.

AirAsia, and Nok Air these are some affordable airlines available there. It runs such flights which readily accessible on domestic and international airports within the cities and across the country. Trains and buses are available at a very affordable rate.

2. The Beaches in island hopping tours Thailand:
Thailand has a very fantastic geographical feature; it’s every province has some unique functionality. One benefit that you will get here is you will get the opportunity to enjoy at its beautiful beaches. There are 1500 miles of coastline from which you have the choice to choose.

In Thailand, you will see so many beautiful beaches that have wonderful sand which remain secluded, stunning and quiet. Some impressive beaches are Sunset beach situated in Koh Kradan and Freedom Beach located in Phuket.

3. The wildlife of Thailand:
One fantastic thing that you get the chance to see so variety of wildlife on its beaches, national park, and mountains. Khao Yai is one of the national park situated in central Thailand called home to wild boars, tigers, an elephant. In the south, you will see so many monkeys on the beaches that are attracting to tourist.

4. The diving in Thailand:
Another benefit on the list for people who are backpacking in Thailand is diving. Thailand has more than 1500 miles shoreline, and most of these shorelines are count as the world best dive sites. From Thailand, you can get the certificate for scuba diving in free of cost. The top places to dive in Thailand include Koh Chang, Surin islands, Koh Tao and Chumphon.

5. The Weather for island hopping tours Thailand:
Thailand has three main seasons, which are best for the tourist who travels to enjoy. This country remains so busiest during the dry season. In the hot season, tourist goes to the beaches found along the coast of Thailand.

Northern Thailand and Bangkok are famous destinations during monsoon season for most of the backpackers. There are pros and cons of each season; visitors don’t like to get so cold that it becomes difficult for them to enjoy the beautiful paces.

6. The food for people who are backpacking in Thailand:
When visitors stay in Land of paradise and smiles for the month or day, the food is very delicious, and avail is in so many varieties that no need to eat the same dish twice. Backpackers will find that cuisine will change with their location change; they will see diversity in foods when they move from one city to another.

You can eat many yummy soups from the roadside stalls in Thailand. The sour and hot dish can be whipped up in the second by the street vendors by the use of kaffir lime galangal, leaves and fresh lemongrass. Other street foods that you can eat are spicily fried, fresh chillies, and rice.

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