Bertens about a Break with Sluiter: ‘I had to Recover from Everything.’ Kiki Bertens thinks after a restless period she is ready for the last months of the tennis season.


She is keen to end the tennis season positively.

“I have been home for a few days.

I have not been training a lot in the last few days because I was busy with other things.

I had to recover from it all,” says the Dutch tennis star about her break with coach Raemon Sluiter.

The two decided to take a break.

After a series of tournaments in Asia,

 it is determined whether the collaboration will continue.

“Long season”
Bertens, who is eighth in the world ranking,

 is taking part in Zhengzhou in China this week.

“It has been a long season.

But I feel good physically,” she says.

“I’m going to do everything to be there at the WTA Finals.”

The best eight players of this year can participate in the year-end tournament.

Bertens is assisted in Zhengzhou by physiotherapist and assistant coach Elise Tamaëla.

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