Morgan Freeman Excuses after Sexual Harassment Accusations. The American actor Morgan Freeman has apologised to anyone who feels disrespectfully treated by him. He did so after reporting from CNN about women accusing him of sexual harassment, reports 99 News.

“Everyone who knows or worked with me knows that I would not insult anyone or intentionally make someone feel uncomfortable,” writes the 80-year-old Oscar winner in a written statement. “I apologise to anyone who feels uncomfortable or disrespectful, which was never my intention.”

CNN has spoken to sixteen people. Eight said that they were victims of inappropriate behaviour by Freeman. The other eight said they saw it. The misconduct would not have been reported because those concerned were afraid that they would lose their jobs. Other former colleagues also say that Freeman is of impeccable behaviour.

Pull up the skirt
A woman who spoke to the news channel was a production assistant in 2017 with the film Going in style, in which Freeman also played a role. He would have repeatedly tried to pull her skirt up, and he would have asked her more than once if she wore underwear. In the end, a fellow player, Alan Arkin, would have called Freeman to order.

Other female production workers from previous films say that the actor continued to comment on their bodies. That is why many women on the set would only have worn clothes in which their breasts and buttocks were not visible.

In addition to colleagues from Freeman, CNN also spoke with journalists reporting on the entertainment industry. CNN journalist Chloe Melas says she is the victim of misconduct by Freeman during her pregnancy. At a meeting, Freeman would have held her hand while watching the pregnant Melas from head to toe. “You are ripe,” he would have said.

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