André Hazes kicks Monique Westenberg. Despite their recent break, everything seems like cake and egg between André Hazes (25) and his Monique Westenberg (41).


However, the Leef singer cannot resist making fun of his wife.

André’s joke takes place on Instagram, where he shares a photo of his son.

It is not just a cute snapshot of his little boy, but one where the guy pulls a crazy mouth against the window.

The singer thinks it is hi-la-risch and would love to share the photo with his followers.

But he can’t help but also put Monique in the post.

“Now it has your nose,” the joke, therefore, writes under the message.

Something that Danny de Munk and Rol Sanchez are all about.

Monique herself not like that, she didn’t give the photo a heart.

The singer currently sees his little man less because he no longer lives at home.

“We do not owe anyone an answer. But it is, we love each other very much.

Maybe too much. Which makes us tired of each other now and then,” he spoke openly this week in Beau’s new program.

Dré doesn’t dare say if the weather will be okay between them.

“I don’t know,” is his answer. “I also don’t want to say that we are separated; we just don’t know for a moment.”

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