Prince Harry Unexpectedly Turns Up in Court for Possible Daily Mail Wiretapping Scandal

A four-day preliminary hearing started today in London regarding a possible wiretapping scandal against Prince Harry and other British celebrities. Along with Elton John, among others, Harry accuses the British tabloid newspaper Daily Mail publisher of “gross violations of privacy”. The fact that the Duke of Sussex appeared at the […]

The US Justice Department is Investigating Memphis Police After the Death of Tire Nichols

The U.S. Department of Justice has announced an investigation into the Memphis police department following the death of Tire Nichols in a brutal traffic stop. The ministry announced that the investigation would focus on guidelines, practices, training and procedures related to using force and de-escalation. The work of the special […]

iPhone Maker Foxconn’s Revenue Plummets Despite Restart in China

iPhone producer Foxconn reported a sharp decline in revenue last month, despite increased sales following the reopening in China. In February, its turnover fell by almost 12 percent to 12.2 billion euros after conversion, according to the Taiwanese company yesterday. The company’s massive iPhone assembly complex in the Chinese city […]