Heavy rains in southeastern Turkey, recently rocked by a major earthquake, have killed at least five people. Ten others are still missing, local media reported Wednesday.

The water swept away a container house in Adıyaman province, killing one person, the Demirören news agency reported. Four others who also lived in the home are still missing. About 150 people participate in the search.

The province of Şanlıurfa was also not spared from the storm. Four people were killed near the border with Syria. The hospital’s emergency department was also flooded, forcing patients to evacuate quickly.

There was also heavy damage to roads, bridges and other infrastructure, as seen in images from Halk TV. Authorities called on residents to evacuate to safer regions.

Meteorologists warn of continued heavy rain in southeastern Turkey. Last month, the region was hit by a major earthquake, resulting in nearly 48,000 deaths.

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