World leaders will begin the plenary debate of the 76th United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday. Essential items on the agenda are the corona pandemic, climate change and human rights.


The 2020 meeting was held via video link due to the pandemic. Also, this year some countries attended the summit remotely. More than a hundred leaders and their employees are in New York for the meeting. However, delegations are smaller than usual due to the pandemic.

The corona measures for the top also include a mouth cap obligation and a so-called code of honour. That code means that people who enter the UN building indirectly declare that they have had a corona vaccine. However, it is not entirely clear how unvaccinated guests such as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro are dealt with.

US President Joe Biden will deliver his first presidential speech at a UN summit in New York on Tuesday. Physically absent leaders may submit pre-recorded speeches. The plenary debate will last until Monday. The leaders will not meet on Sunday. Other meetings are also held around the debate, for example, about the transition to sustainable energy.

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