Solidarity protests against the strict covid policy in China took place in some cities in North America and Europe last night.

In Paris, among others, demonstrators showed signs with ‘Urumqi’, the Chinese city where a fire in an apartment building claimed 10 victims last week.

There have been fierce protests against the country’s corona policy for a whole weekend in China. The Chinese government is currently using strict lockdown measures to limit infections, but the people are not (any longer) set up with that. A fire in an apartment building in Urumqi turned out to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. This resulted in 10 deaths.

Some foreign cities also showed their solidarity with the Chinese population yesterday. According to the BBC, there were protests in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Toronto and several other US cities.

In Paris, demonstrators displayed signs with “Urumqi” written to support the fire victims. And in Amsterdam, people held up a white paper to protest against censorship in China. Demonstrators in other countries lit candles in the air or laid flowers at a monument in the city.

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