The UN climate panel IPCC will release a new report on Monday. This concerns measures to limit global warming. It is the third report in a year from the renowned panel.


The result is likely to provide opportunities for governments to combat climate change. The IPCC includes most of the scientific papers available on this subject. Patricia Espinosa of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) called it “a necessary publication” during the opening ceremony of the meeting two weeks ago.

The three reports together form the sixth assessment report of the IPCC. The last will probably be published at the end of September, bringing together all the previous reports from the different working groups.

Scientists have been meeting for the past two weeks. Much of this discussion was about the comprehensive summary for policymakers. Representatives of governments worldwide agree and discuss the piece with the authors. However, scientists always have the last word.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, IPCC chairman Hoesung Lee said it is “impossible” to “delay climate action any further”. However, the United Kingdom Climate and Energy Minister Greg Hands pointed out that the meeting “takes place under exceptional circumstances”. He was referring to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. “That while international cooperation is needed to counter the threat of climate change,” says Hands.

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