NS is Progressing Financially through Activities in Germany and England. Dutch Railways made a turnover increase of 306 million pounds in the first half of this year.


Thanks to activities in England and Germany, sales increased to just under 2.6 billion pounds.

In the Netherlands, the trains spent about the same amount of money in the drawer.

5.3 million pounds profit was made in the first six months, with a minus of 12.5 million pounds in the same period last year.

It was due to a fine from the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) because of foul play in the tender for public transport in Limburg.

There is still a plan against this fine after the NS’s appeal was rejected at the end of March.

Also, there is also an appeal in the criminal case against the NS because of the concern.

In the first instance, the NS was cleared, but the railway company takes another fine into account,

 although due to the doubt it makes no provision for this. A conviction could also lead to claims.

More trains on time and more satisfied travellers
The railway company also declared on Saturday that more trains had been driven on time in the first half of this year. Customer satisfaction also increased.

The proportion of travellers arriving at destination on time rose from 91.4 to 93.1 percent. That contributed to the satisfaction of customers.

Of the travellers, 84 percent gave the train journey a 7 or higher. A year earlier that was still 78 percent.

According to CEO Roger van Boxtel, it can be quite a difficult job to sustain the current level of performance.

“We are running against the limits of the system. More people prefer the train every year. We are happy with that.

Also increases the chance of crowds and delays, at the same time. Despite all the measures we take here together with our partners. “

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