After a few weeks, China has largely put an end to the strict lockdown in the metropolis of Xi’an. The local authorities announced that shops, supermarkets and restaurants in the 13 million inhabitants metropolis could open their doors again.


Meanwhile, China is struggling with a corona outbreak in Beijing.

In Xi’an, some measures remain in place. One city district is still in lockdown. Catering establishments are also only allowed to receive a limited number of customers. At home, a maximum of ten people applies for meetings.

The city went into a strict lockdown in December to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, people were not allowed to go outside and sometimes found it challenging to get enough food. This, according to reports on social media, sparked a barter trade in foodstuffs. As a result, Xi’an has not reported any new infections for several days.

The situation in Xi’an seems to be under control, but the virus is still spreading in other places in the people’s republic. For example, China is trying to fight an outbreak in Beijing’s capital. The Winter Olympics are due to start there in two weeks. The omikron variant of the virus first appeared in the city last week, and dozens of infections have been identified since then.

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