At least seven people were killed in a suspected attack in Mazar-e-Sharif, a city in northern Afghanistan, on Tuesday morning. At least six others were also injured in the violence.

The exact death toll is not yet clear.

The bomb went off when a bus carrying workers from oil company Hairatan Petroleum passed by, police spokesman Asif Waziri said. The explosion happened around 7 am (local time). “The bomb was placed in a cart by the side of the road and exploded as the bus approached.”

So far, no one has appealed responsibility for the attack. However, Afghanistan has recently been increasingly shaken by attacks by IS-Khorasan, the local branch of the Islamic State terrorist group.

The last time was on November 30, when nineteen people were killed in an attack on a school in the north of the country. 24 others were injured. Most of the victims were students of the school.

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