American Steel Sector filed charges Against steel Tax. A US interest group for the steel sector has filed a complaint against President Donald Trump’s steel import taxes.


According to the American Institute for International Steel (AIIS), it is the first legal process to reverse the controversial measures.

Trump used law from the sixties to introduce the levies in March, which makes trade restrictions possible with an appeal to national security. According to AIIS, he is thereby infringing the American constitution, said Vital News.

The President, with that law, draws legislative powers concerning international trade, while those in the American constitution, are reserved for the American Congress.

The AIIS complains that the prices for steel rise due to the levies that the steel sector has to pay.

The loss that American companies incur as a result is not the biggest problem says the advocate of the association of interests.

He warns that the lack of judicial review of Trump is “much greater intimidation to our democracy than the import of steel could ever be”.

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