Klete Keller, an American swimmer who won two golds and a total of five medals for his country at the Olympics, has confessed to taking part in the storming of the Capitol earlier this year.


As a result, he has been charged with a so-called federal crime and faces a jail term.

Keller, 39, was part of the mob of supporters of former President Trump who stormed, invaded, looted and destroyed the Capitol on January 6. Five people were killed as a result.

According to the prosecution, Keller was in the Capitol for 51 minutes. That’s a relatively long period of time compared to many others who were only in the building for a short time. In addition, video footage of the storming showed Keller berating and insulting Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi without being near them.

Keller allegedly did not use force but did disobey police orders. He is expected to receive a prison sentence of 21 to 27 months, American media report.

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