US Senator Elizabeth Warren said she has tested positive for Covid-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms on Sunday. Later that day, Senator Cory Booker also announced that he had contracted a corona infection.


Warren, 72, a Democrat from Massachusetts, said on Twitter that she is fully vaccinated, boosted and tested regularly. According to her, it is, therefore, a “breakthrough case”, in other words, a case in which you became infected despite vaccination and booster injection.

In April 2020, Warren lost her oldest brother Donald Reed Herring to Covid-19.

Booker, 52, also announced his positive test on Twitter. Booker said he developed mild symptoms on Saturday and tested positive on Sunday. “I am extremely grateful to have had two vaccinations and, more recently, a booster; otherwise, I would probably be worse off by now.”

Warren was a leading candidate for her party’s presidential nomination in 2020. Booker also ran for president that year.

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