A large majority of the United States House of Representatives passed a final version of the defence budget for 2022 late Tuesday evening (local time).


The budget law authorizes defence spending worth USD 768 billion. That amount is $25 billion more than President Joe Biden had asked for and about 5 percent more than last year’s budget.

The budget was partly higher because MPs from both parties urged efforts to increase pressure on Russia and China. For example, the annual defence law contained $300 million in resources for the Ukrainian army and a statement of support for Taiwan’s defence.

The defence budget also includes a 2.7 percent pay increase for troops and more purchases of aircraft and naval vessels, the latter in the context of curbing geopolitical threats.

A proposal that would oblige the government to impose sanctions on Germany’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, however, fell through despite strong support in Congress. The defence budget now goes to the Senate, where it is expected to be passed soon, and then to the White House for approval by President Biden.

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