The sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said, passed away yesterday evening at the age of 79. Omani state media report this on Saturday.


According to diplomats, he would have had colon cancer. According to local media, his successors have already been appointed.

Qaboos has been in power in Oman since 1970 since he deposed his father in a coup. The unmarried sultan had no children or brothers and did not publicly designate a successor.

A statute from 1996 says that the ruling family will choose a successor within three days of the release of the throne.

If that fails, a council must appoint the person whose name the Sultan has left in a sealed letter.

According to Omani media, the successor has already been selected. It would be Bin Said’s cousin, Haitham al Said, who took the oath today. The messages have not yet been officially confirmed.

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