The 6.9 million voters in the US state of Georgia sometimes had to wait hours on Tuesday. All sorts of problems with voting machines and security measures as a result of the coronavirus caused long queues of people waiting.


Several primaries have been held in the state for the Presidential, Congressional and other elections to be held in November. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, elections were postponed to Tuesday last March.

Democratic and Republican politicians in the state blame each other for the chaos.

The Democrats accuse the Republican Secretary of State, who organizes the elections that there are not enough polling stations in neighbourhoods where many Democratic voters live.

The Republicans say that because of the corona, there are too few volunteers to steer the ballot box.

The state was tested with new voting machines that should also be deployed in November. Both parties are concerned that the presidential elections will not be fair.

In the polls for Georgia, Democrat Joe Biden is surprisingly slightly ahead of President Donald Trump. Bill Clinton was the last Democrat to win the state in 1992.

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by 5 percent four years ago.

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