Rhode Island, USA, Quarantine New Yorkers

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Rhode Island, USA, Quarantine New Yorkers. The governor of the US state of Rhode Island has all of the people in New York who are in her state tracked down and quarantined.


Gina Raimondo announced this as part of measures against the spread of the new coronavirus.

New York, the largest city in the US, is currently the largest source of fire with approximately 26,000 infections.

In Rhode Island, which is not adjacent to New York but is close to the east coast, there are only 200.

Raimondo announced, among other things, that the National Guard will visit doors at vacation homes on the coast to see if there are New Yorkers. They are then forced to go into isolation for two weeks.

Furthermore, cars with a New York license plate will be taken off the road. Occupants must also be quarantined if they wish to remain in the state.

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