The 49-year-old firefighter who died in Augsburg, Germany, after a meeting with seven young people, approached the teenagers for an unknown reason. Then he got involved with one of them, got a hard blow to the head and succumbed to his injuries on the way to the hospital.


Police and justice in the southern German city announced this today during a press conference about the stirring case.

According to them, after a visit to the Christmas market, the later victim with his wife and a friendly couple passed the youngsters, turned for some reason, approached the group and was surrounded a little later.

, On images from surveillance cameras, you can see that the man is occupied with one of the young people. It looks like an argument. Then he suddenly gets a blow to the head from the side and falls seriously injured on the floor.

His 50-year-old companion who wants to help him is slapped in the face and is also hurt, “said Gerhard Zintl, Detective Chief.

Why the victim went to the group and about which he spoke to one of them was not disclosed. But according to Zintl, the 49-year-old man behaved according to the rules.

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