Frenchman Romain Grosjean’s burnt-out Formula 1 car in 2020 is on display at an exposition of Formula 1 in Madrid. The remains of the Haas car were hidden for three years.

In addition to the twisted chassis, the exhibition, which opens on March 23, will also feature previously unseen images of the dramatic crash.

The images are burned into the retina of many. Grosjean rammed the barriers at high speed on the first lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix. That happened after his car collided with Daniil Kviat’s. The car broke in half and caught fire almost immediately. After exactly 28 seconds, Grosjean emerged from the flames. He only had burns on his hands.

“I thought it was a bad crash, but I didn’t realize at the time what the impact was and how intense it looked from the outside,” Grosjean said in a personal memory.

“The realization came later when I saw the images myself. My wife, children, and father watched the race, and they will remember that crash all their lives. That horrible waiting to see anything from me.”

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