In the fight against Russia, the Ukrainian army uses new and advanced weapon systems from the West and its own improvised weapons.

Experts tell the American newspaper The New York Times that the military has already achieved unexpected successes with combinations of old and new weapons, such as the recent attacks on Crimea.

For example, according to the experts, the Ukrainian army has placed missiles on trucks and speedboats to be more mobile on land and at sea. According to a US Department of Defense official, Ukrainians have even been able to mount US missiles on Soviet warplanes, something no other country has done before.

This would allow them to shell Russian air defense systems so that relatively slower aircraft and drones would not be spotted by the Russians either.

Experts say that the recent attacks on Crimea are an example of army mobility and improvisation with new and old weapons. In this way, Ukraine would also have been able to sink the Russian warship Moskva in April.

The military has improved old Soviet anti-ship missiles and placed them on trucks. As a result, they probably hit the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet at a distance of about 75 kilometers.

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