All Ukrainian Prosecutors MH17 Investigation Put Out of Function

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All public prosecutors investigating the MH17 air crash in Ukraine have been dismissed or dismissed. NRC reports that. The two Ukrainian officers who are part of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), the international joint venture investigating the disaster, have also lost their jobs.


Of the six prosecutors who together formed the Ukrainian MH17 section, five were fired, the newspaper said. Of the six, Oleh Peresada is still involved in the investigation, but no longer a public prosecutor.

In response to NRC, the National Public Prosecutor says that the Netherlands has received the guarantee that Peresada will remain associated with the JIT. “This guarantees the historical awareness of this research,” said the National Public Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the officers involved, their departure is a severe blow to further investigation into the MH17 flight of Malaysia Airlines.

On March 9 the MH17 trial starts in the other secure court at Schiphol. The Public Prosecution Service prosecutes three Russians and one Ukrainian for taking down the device on July 17, 2014. The four are suspected of murder.

Those involved state in NRC that the damage to the coming process will be better than expected since the officers already completed their files last summer. Reorganization can be a problem for investigating new suspects.

Researcher Roman Hosjovsky says in the newspaper that his successors need at least a year to read: “Nobody knows the file that we have built up in five years.”

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