Evacuations from Kabul airport have begun, and the US military says it has already picked up 3,200 people with 13 flights. British Home Secretary Priti Patel has said the British are now picking up around 1,000 people a day.


A German Airbus A340 with approximately 130 people from Kabul landed in Frankfurt on Wednesday morning. It was the second German evacuation flight.

The people who are flown away are, for the time being, foreigners and Afghans who have no chance of a flight through the airport. According to local media, the Taliban keep Afghans away from the airport with checkpoints and force.

They allegedly assaulted people who desperately wanted to attempt on the street. The Americans who run the airport do not allow Afghans, said outgoing Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag on Tuesday.

The Taliban are reportedly not allowing anyone near the airport who does not (also) have a foreign passport. Among other things, they would like to prevent skilled craftsmen from leaving the country.

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