England further relaxed corona measures on Thursday. Except for London public transport, it is no longer mandatory to wear a face mask, and the use of the corona pass will also be cancelled.


The easing was announced last week by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He also said that the work from home advice was cancelled. That change has already taken effect.

The three rules were introduced in December due to the omikron variant of the coronavirus. This extra contagious variant has led to record numbers of infections. But, according to the prime minister, relaxation can be done because of the booster campaign. In England, almost 84 percent of the population from the age of 12 has been vaccinated, 64 percent of whom have also had a booster shot.

England will have to deal with even more relaxation in the coming period. From mid-February, there will be fewer entry restrictions for travellers from abroad. In addition, Johnson wants the law for mandatory isolation for corona infections to expire in March.

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