Technology giant Apple plans to use its own displays in its mobile devices from 2024. That writes financial news agency Bloomberg based on anonymous sources.

Apple plans to equip its most expensive smartwatches with its own displays at the end of next year and later roll them out to its iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. The new displays will be made with new microLED technology. It is an upgrade compared to the current OLED standard.

By making its own displays, the American group is reducing its dependence on Samsung and LG Display in particular: the South Korean companies are the largest suppliers of displays. This gives Apple more control over the design and capabilities of its products, as well as its supply chain.

Earlier, Apple started making its own chips for its Mac computers at the expense of those of the American chip maker Intel. It also plans to make more parts of its iPhones itself.

More than a third of LG Display’s sales come from Apple. In the meantime, the share lost up to 4.1 percent of its value on Wednesday. At Samsung – Apple’s biggest competitor in the smartphone market, in addition to being a supplier – the iPhone maker accounts for 6.6 percent of revenue…

In addition to Samsung and LG, the Japanese Sharp and Japan Display and the Chinese BOE Technology Group, among others, supply screens to Apple.

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