“ABN Amro is looking for a New CEO.” ABN Amro would be eagerly looking for a new CEO. The first term of CEO Kees van Dijkhuizen will come to an end this spring.


The bank is now looking for a new top man. Sources report to the bank that the CEO will soon be announcing his departure.

Rest for a longer time
In recent months, head hunters would have been looking for other candidates.

The search focuses on finding a top man who can stay at the couch for a more extended period and can ensure peace in the tent.

Also, reported that ING shields top talent Steven van Rijswijk, ING’s Risk Management Director, to restrain him from being hit.

External names are mainly considered, including Adyen, Van Lanschop Kempen and NIBC.

Both ABN Amro and ING were not available for comment.

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