The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has banned Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia maintained by volunteers. That reports the BBC. The website had been blocked since Saturday after Wikipedia was given 48 hours to remove allegedly blasphemous content.

“Wikipedia has been unblocked as instructed by the Prime Minister,” said PTA spokesman Malahat Rab. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif decided Monday evening after a ministerial committee examined the controversial ban and found that “the unintended consequences of the comprehensive ban outweigh the benefits”.

The prime minister also set up a ministerial commission “to examine and recommend alternative technological measures for removing or blocking access to objectionable content posted on Wikipedia and other information websites, because of our social, cultural and religious sensitivities.” reported his cabinet.

The ban on Wikipedia led to outrage: many people condemned the decision on social media. YouTube and other websites have also been temporarily blocked in Pakistan because some content was deemed blasphemous, immoral or indecent. In addition, the video platform TikTok has been banned several times for failing to moderate the content.

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