Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on the German states to introduce stricter measures to reduce the rapidly increasing number of new corona infections.


In an ARD broadcast, Merkel suggested introducing a curfew as an opportunity to get the third wave of corona under control in Germany.

“We have our emergency brake, but unfortunately, it is not being respected everywhere,” Merkel said on a talk show. “I hope there may be some reflection on this.”

According to the Chancellor, who is in her fourth and according to her last term, more restrictions are needed to stop the coronavirus in time. “We have restrictions on going out, further limiting contact and wearing masks as possibilities,” Merkel said. She also believes that more locations should be used for corona tests, for example, in schools.

The head of government-backed down last week with her plan to introduce a strict lockdown with the Easter days. A day after the plan was announced, Merkel withdrew it after fierce criticism of her ‘Easter lockdown’.

After urgent consultation with the state prime minister, she said she had made a mistake and asked the Germans for forgiveness. According to Merkel, the idea behind the plan was good, but too many questions had arisen in the short term about the practical implementation.

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